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For smooth and quick coffee service, various barista equipment and accessories, such as coffee grinders, tampers, dosing tools, mechanical cleaners, etc., are essential alongside a powerful coffee machine.

Everyone wants to drink and serve the best coffee possible. Freshly ground coffee is one of the fundamental principles of proper coffee preparation and greatly enhances taste, consistency, and coffee enjoyment. Coffee beans are ground to extract flavor into the water and create a cup of coffee. Freshness, grind size, and quality significantly impact the taste of coffee. Once coffee beans are ground, the flavor begins to deteriorate as the coffee particles come into contact with air. Freshly ground coffee also has a wonderful aroma.

Elmont Bled gives you the tools to perfect coffee. We represent three top global brands of professional coffee grinders, we offer coffee tamper that enable consistent coffee preparation, mechanical and chemical cleaners to ensure hygiene and equipment longevity as well as premium italian coffee beans.

Together, they create a flawless coffee experience, guaranteeing consistent quality and customer satisfaction. Our experts will help you choose the best combination of barista equipment for your establishment.

Barista coffe equipment Elmont Bled
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We supply our customers with one of the finest Italian coffee brands, Pavin Caffè, known for its unique and flawless coffee blends. Since 1950, Pavin Caffé has devoted great attention to selecting raw coffee beans and, in addition to a wide range of flavor blends, also offers single-origin coffee from ten global coffee regions.

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By renting the complete barista equipment (from coffee machines, grinders, etc., to purchasing coffee), dishwashers, and other hospitality equipment from Elmont Bled, you can significantly reduce the short-term costs of opening and running a new bar or restaurant.

What is important in preparing a true Italian espresso?2023-05-17T13:21:16+02:00

When preparing an excellent espresso, there are several important factors:

  1. High-quality coffee beans: Use high-quality coffee beans specifically roasted for espresso. Choose fresh beans stored correctly to preserve their aromas, such as premium Italian coffee like Pavin Caffe, which allows you to explore different blends and origins to find a taste that appeals to your customers.
  2. Uniform grinding: Grind the coffee beans just before preparation to maintain freshness and enhance flavor extraction. Ensure that the grind size is consistent and suitable for espresso preparation. Finer grinding is typically recommended for espresso as it enables proper extraction and the formation of a rich crema. Elmont offers a wide range of coffee grinders.
  3. Proper espresso machine: Invest in a high-quality espresso machine that allows precise temperature and pressure control. The machine should deliver consistent results and optimal flavor extraction. Regular maintenance and cleaning are crucial for optimal operation.
  4. Preparation parameters: Pay attention to preparation parameters, including dosing, even distribution, and tamping of the coffee grounds. Consistency in these steps is key to achieving even extraction. Proper dosing, uniform distribution in the portafilter, and correct tamping pressure contribute to a balanced and aromatic espresso.
  5. Extraction time: Monitor extraction time carefully. The ideal extraction time for espresso is usually between 25 and 30 seconds.
  6. Milk frothing technique: If your espresso beverages include milk, mastering the milk frothing technique is crucial. The proper texture and temperature of the milk can enhance the overall drinking experience. Well-frothed milk should have a velvety texture and no large bubbles.
What are the key factors to consider when choosing a coffee machine?2023-05-17T13:18:57+02:00

When choosing a professional coffee machine for your bar or restaurant, there are three key factors to consider:

  1. Quality and performance: It is important to choose a high-quality coffee machine that is capable of producing excellent coffee. Check reviews and user feedback regarding build quality and the final result of the coffee. Additionally, consider the capacity of the machine and whether it meets the needs of your establishment based on the projected number of cups of coffee you will be serving.
  2. Flexibility and functionality: Think about the different types of coffee you want to offer and check if the coffee machine allows for the preparation of those types. Does it support espresso, cappuccino, latte, and other popular beverages? Also, pay attention to additional features such as adjustable pressure, programmable settings, a built-in coffee grinder, milk frothing capabilities, and more. Greater flexibility allows you to expand your menu and cater to different customer preferences.
  3. Maintenance and support: Check how easy it is to maintain the coffee machine and if there are reliable options for servicing and repairs. Pay attention to the availability of spare parts and the quality of manufacturer support. It is important to have assurance that you can quickly and efficiently address any issues to ensure uninterrupted operation of your coffee machine.

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